If you’re like the Flight Crew, you love craft beer.

You just might not know how big a fan you are of Belgian beers, regarded as some of the most well-engineered, historic beers in the world.

Our eyes were opened wide during our recent trip to Magic Tree Pub & Eatery in Boardman.

We’d all enjoyed a Belgian beer or three over the years. But Phill Reda, Magic Tree co-owner, gave us a two-hour education that was truly inspirational.

Phill is one of the most knowledgeable experts on Belgian beers in the Valley. He’d be considered a leading authority in the state of Ohio and even throughout the U.S.

“I travelled to Belgium in 2011 to learn as much as I could about Belgian beers and their storied histories,” Phill said. “I spent days in Trappist monasteries and at family breweries studying the craft of brewing and drinking Belgian beers.”

Phill returned with a passion to import Belgian beers for the people of the Mahoning Valley.

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