Farm to Table

Vegetarian Mushroom Reuben
Phillip’s Mushroom Farms Portobello, house made beer kraut, swiss cheese, marble rye, house made 1000 island dressing, served with fries or chips.


Smoked Chicken & Roasted Tomato Ragu with Whole Wheat Spinach Gnocchi
House Smoked Premium Pastured chicken thighs, Yarnick Farms roasted grape tomatoes, sweet onions, house grown herbs, house made whole wheat spinach gnocchi, Pecorino Romano

Roasted Beet, Leeks & Tomato Salad
3 Maples on Market heirloom tomatoes, Wexford Farms red beets, roasted leeks, La Magna fresh mozzarella, house grown herbs, house balsamic vinegrette, Arcadian field greens, house pickled carrots.

Bison Sloppy Joes
Forbes Bison Farms ground buffalo, house grown herbs, Spanish onions, roasted tomatoes, roasted peppers, house made roll, served with fries or chips

Last updated: 7.19.2017